Party, birthday, event?
Craft Burger Kitchen now also offers a deal that is a perfect fit for a party, meeting, or just whenever!
Minimum order is for 8 people.

Sliders and miniburgers

(Note! Sliders are larger than miniburgers. Three sliders + side dishes are an ideal meal for one.)

  • Cheeseburger-slider 675 kr. pcs.

    You choose between traditional or dry aged beef and we perfect the burger with cheese, pickles, cabbage and CBK mayonnaise. This one is a classic - for the ones who like it old-school.

  • BBQ–baconslider 695 kr. pcs.

    You choose traditional or dry aged beef and we top the burger with crispy bacon and fried onions, cheese, cabbage and date BBQ sauce. This one is for the bacon lovers.

  • Parma–slider 695 kr. pcs.

    You choose traditional or dry age beef, we put a slice of parma ham on top with parmesan and chives, cabbage, cheese and parmesan sauce, this one is for the sophisticated types.

  • Piparosta-slider 590 kr. pcs.

    You choose between dry aged or traditional meat, pepper cheese with red onion and spicy honey, then there is a little extra pepper at the end.

  • Spicy–slider 685 kr. pcs.

    You choose traditional or dry aged beef and we top the burger with chorizo, cabbage, jalapeno, cheese and spicy mayonnaise. This is for those who want it extra hot!

  • Bacon & Cheese 695 kr. pcs.

    You choose traditional or dry age beef, more bacon, more cheese and CBK mayo.

  • Vegan miniburgers 490 kr. pcs.

    Vegan-mini bread, our juicy vegan patty, lettuce, vegan cheese, pickles and avocado mayo. Heaven for the vegan ones!

Sides and

The side dishes come in bowls. Each bowl is ideal for 4-6 people.

  • BUFFALO WINGS 1590 kr.
  • Bacon-wrapped fresh dates 1990 kr.

    a tray of bacon-wrapped fresh dates

  • Deep fried avocado 1790 kr.

    with spicy mayo

  • Jalapeno poppers 1690 kr.

    with chili cheese mayo

  • Chicken groves coated in cheese crisps 2690 kr.

    with buffalo-creamcheese sauce

  • Spicy korean chicken wings 1590 kr.

Something sweet

  • Churros with dulce de leche 420 kr. pcs.
  • White chocolate mouse 690 kr.

    with passionfruit

  • Brownies 550 kr. pcs.


Minimum 8 people

Offer A

Cheeseburger slider
BBQ Sliders
Pepper Cheese Sliders
Chicken tenderloins in a cheese snack
Jalapeno pods

PRICE: 2.890,- per person

Offer B

Cheeseburger slider
Bacon n cheese sliders
Spicy sliders
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Korean wings

PRICE: 2.790,- per person

Offer C

Vegan mini burger
Falafel mini burger
Oomph petit burger
Deep fried avocado
Spring rolls with vegetables
Avacado Chocolate Mousse

PRICE: 2.790,- per person

Offer C

Bacon n cheese sliders
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Bacon Wrapped Dates

PRICE: 1.790,- per person

Þessi vefsíða notar vefkökur (cookies) til að bæta upplifun þína. Með því að halda áfram samþykkir þú stefnu okkar um vefkökur